» Online Sessions


Send me an email at timalphadrums@gmail.com and tell me about you and your project.


Send your session track files as WAV or AIFF through an online service like Dropbox.
MP3’s are unreliable and contain artifacts and LATENCY!

Be sure to submit files in the bit and sample rate documented on your quote and ALWAYS list the BPM.

Include a click track count off to insure a good “lock” to the grid.

PLAY GOOD SCRATCH TRACKS!!! If you are sending scratch tracks, play as tight to the click as you can. Don’t be afraid to simplify!!! Play the basic essential parts to convey your idea and establish the “groove” of your song. This will enable me to play tighter and create a better drum track for your song.

When tracking is finished, a demo WAV of your song will be sent to you for final approval. If you love it, which you will, send payment via paypal.com and I will send you individual drum tracks.

Congratulations… You just added killer drum tracks to your song.